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The Future of Payments: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Regulatory Challenges

In a rapidly evolving payments landscape, our upcoming panel session on “The Future of Payments: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Regulatory Challenges” will tackle two pivotal aspects of the financial ecosystem.

The discussion will explore how blockchain and cryptocurrencies are shaping the future of payments. With blockchain technology offering security and efficiency, and cryptocurrencies redefining how we transact, our panelists will delve into the transformative potential of these innovations for financial transactions, from peer-to-peer payments to cross-border remittances.

As governments and regulatory bodies worldwide grapple with the implications of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, our experts will dissect the evolving landscape, discussing issues such as compliance, security, and the balance between innovation and consumer protection.

Join us for this insightful session, where industry leaders will offer their perspectives on the evolving world of payments, from blockchain’s disruptive influence to the regulatory hurdles that lie ahead.


Sep 19 2023


10:00 - 11:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 19 2023
  • Time: 04:00 - 05:00

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Panel Discussion


INATBA Online Conference Room


INATBA Executive Office
INATBA Executive Office

Other Organizers

EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum
EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum


  • Tareq Shaheen
    Tareq Shaheen
    Director of Payment Solutions | Eastnets & INATBA Board Member

    Tareq Shaheen is the director of product management for payment solutions at Eastnets – a global provider of compliance and payment solutions for the financial services sector. In his role, Tareq is focused on transforming payment experiences through Innovation to make every transaction seamless and secure.
    With over 20 years’ experience, Tareq has a diversified experience in management, business and technical aspects of software solutions, with focus on new technologies like blockchain and AI. Tareq focuses on helping organizations realize the potential of new technologies by finding the right business cases.
    Tareq led the development of several solutions at Eastnets, such as SWIFT gpi payments solution which enables financial institutions to fast-track their SWIFT gpi transformation at a lower cost and shorter time to market. Tareq speaks in different payments industry events on various subjects such ISO 20022, open banking and instant payments. His latest participation was at SIBOS conference in Amsterdam (Oct 2022), where he presented a session entitled “Realizing the Potential of ISO 20022 Throughout the Payment Lifecycle”. Tareq also writes articles on payments published on sites like
    On the blockchain side, Tareq has been among the early contributors to spreading awareness on the application of blockchain and distributed ledger technology beyond crypto currencies, through customer engagements and webinars published on Tareq led the development of Eastnets ChainFeed, an innovative blockchain-based solution serving the financial industry by providing secure real-time sanctions watch list update over blockchain to enhance payments AML/CTF screening process.
    Tareq has served as an INATBA board member representing the medium category members since April 2021 and has actively worked with fellow board members to shape and oversee the current INATBA strategy. In addition, Tareq participates in INATBA’s workgroups and co-authored INATBA’s position paper on CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

  • Robert Courtneidge
    Robert Courtneidge
    Board Advisor | The Payments Association

    Robert is a valued and highly respected industry expert with a distinguished career in the card and payments industry. Robert has deep expertise in digital assets and e-money, and is highly skilled in all aspects of consumer finance issues, including banking regulation and compliance, consumer protection and AML/CTF. He was regularly named a key player in the Payments Power 10 (including #1 in 2015), a highly competitive ranking of the influential contributors in payments. Previously, Robert achieved success as a senior legal professional specialising in matters relating to cards and payments. He regularly speaks on issues facing the European Payments’ Industry including laws relating to Electronic Money, Payment Services, AML/CTF, Digital Assets and CBDCs.

  • Olivier Rikken
    Olivier Rikken
    Board Member | 2Tokens

    Olivier Rikken is a versatile expert in business strategy, IT, and blockchain technology. He earned an MSc from Delft University of Technology, focusing on discrete simulation models for process improvement. His career spans multiple industries, consistently occupying roles that bridge business strategy and IT. During an executive MBA at Nyenrode/Kellogg/Stellenbosch, he ventured into banking and discovered the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

    Quickly recognizing its significance, Olivier became a leading authority in the field, particularly in Ethereum-based smart contracts. He is currently instrumental at the 2Tokens foundation, where he manages, a guide for companies navigating the legal maze of Crypto Assets. As a co-founder and executive board member, Olivier plays a crucial role in helping businesses adopt token technology and smart contracts. Additionally, he chairs the Smart Contract workgroup for the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, advancing blockchain adoption in the Netherlands.

    Olivier’s multi-disciplinary expertise and leadership in blockchain make him a driving force in the technology’s adoption and development, both nationally and internationally.

  • Xenofon Kontouris
    Xenofon Kontouris
    Membership Development Officer | INATBA
  • Catarina Veloso
    Catarina Veloso
    Regulatory & Compliance Senior Associate | Notabene
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