Industrial Blockchain Task Force - INATBA Industrial Blockchain Task Force
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Explore the Digital Credentials Task ForceThe Task Force aims to assess the status of private and public
tech infrastructure projects that involve blockchain technology
- and to release an end report in January 2024 with an overview
about these developments. This mapping exercise is highly needed
in order to strengthen the discussion around the European innovation
and infrastructure agenda, and how to best combine blockchain
and AI to ensure resilient industrial products and processes while
increasing trust levels in reporting and regulatory compliance.
Industrial BlockchainTASK FORCETASK FORCEIndustrial BlockchainThe Task Force helps orchestrate public
and private sector's tech infrastructure projects,
strengthen the discussion around the European
innovation and infrastructure agenda.
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sebastian becker


Sebastian Becker

Izzat-Begum Rajan

Imani Partners

Izzat-Begum Rajan



Donal O'Regan


This Task Force will assess existing use cases and examine the role of corporate and consortial collaboration as well as the input needed for standardisation in major industries: Energy, Automotive, Production and Circular.

Just before utility tokens become regulatory compliant with MiCA in 2024, we want to summarise the capabilities of blockchain tech and its suitability, especially related to EU policy goals and initiatives, like Digital Product Passports, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and incoming ESG reporting requirements.



• Create a corporate and consortial blockchain tech adoption map.

• Generate a list of advanced blockchain capabilities, technical solutions, and modules beyond MVP stage: token incentivisation, tokenisation for financing, and cyber security enhancement through decentralisation.

• Create a coherent overview of blockchain’s current status and its suitable applications, along with suggestions for upcoming projects and sector-coupling. Discuss the synergy of blockchain and other technologies in public (e.g., EBSI, EUIPO) and private sector ventures (e.g., Catena-X).


Why is it essential?

Timely Tech Evolution


Align industries with fast-evolving blockchain and AI technologies, boosting innovation and competitiveness.

Regulatory Readiness


Guide industries in adapting to upcoming regulations through informed blockchain integration strategies.

Collaboration Catalyst


Foster cross-industry collaboration for more effective and cohesive technological solutions.

Empowered Decisions


Equip decision-makers with a coherent overview, aiding informed choices in future tech adoption, including blockchain and AI.

Innovation Boost


Accelerate innovation by facilitating expert collaboration, expediting cutting-edge solutions.

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