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Explore the Industrial Blockchain Task ForceThe Task Force addresses regulatory deficiencies
in the Metaverse concerning privacy, custodianship,
censorship, accessibility, and monopolisation.
MetaverseTASK FORCETASK FORCEDigital CredentialsThe Task Force addresses mutual support, privacy,
self-sovereignty, and interoperability for digital
credentials across borders providing a clear vision
for the road ahead.
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MTF chairs.001

Rochester Institute of Technology

Ioannis Karamitsos

MTF chairs.002


Erol User


This Task Force investigates and compares risks, resulting in a list of evaluations that policymakers must make when developing Metaverse-related rules, such as privacy, custodianship, censorship, accessibility, and monopolisation. Thought-leaders and Metaverse detractors have emphasized them and other fundamental problems, but no regulatory examination of these dangers has been done. INATBA’s Metaverse Task Force is filling this gap.


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Become a MemberBy joining INATBA, you will be part of an organisation
that facilitates positive chang in the blockchain ecosystem.
We are dedicated to supporting and promoting our Members
as part of our work to bridge public and private entities
from diverse fields such as law,inance and education
and promotes convergence of standards and policies to
accelerate deploymentfor societal and economic benefit.
INATBA Launches
Metaverse Task Force