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INATBA’s Governmental Advisory Body (GAB) is a unique
resource for national authorities, government officials,
policymakers, and supranational organisations to navigate
blockchain technology’s development and regulatory
landscape worldwide.
Governmental Advisory BodyBecome a MemberBy joining INATBA, you will be part of an organisation
that facilitates positive chang in the blockchain ecosystem.
We are dedicated to supporting and promoting our Members
as part of our work to bridge public and private entities
from diverse fields such as law,inance and education
and promotes convergence of standards and policies to
accelerate deploymentfor societal and economic benefit.
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INATBA’s Governmental Advisory Body currently has 40 members from across continents who hold full membership or observer status. The members facilitate cooperation and act in an advisory capacity to the INATBA Board of Directors and the Executive Team. Government of Liechtenstein is the current Chair of the Advisory Body, and the Government of Slovenia is the Co-Chair.

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GAB Mission


A Forum for

Knowledge-Sharing and Learning

Blockchain tech evolves rapidly. Policymakers and corporate leaders seek reliable info beyond Bitcoin. Entrepreneurs need more accessible means to learn about blockchain’s true potential and viable use cases, to build and support platforms and business models that blockchain can engender. The INATBA GAB can play an important role in driving research opportunities and outreach activities in cooperation with the INATBA Academic Advisory Body.

A Forum for

Regulatory Dialogues

The GAB nurtures a constructive dialogue between public and private stakeholders, including government bodies and blockchain users/providers. The GAB plays an important role in helping clarify the legal and regulatory framework for blockchain across the GAB members, educating the respective bodies and authorities on the potential boundaries in innovation and market environment, and promoting a transparent and inclusive model of governance.

A Forum for


Sharing best practices among GAB members is crucial to avoid duplicating efforts when deploying blockchain tech globally. Whether it’s for energy solutions, mobility and smart cities, digital currencies, or circular economy applications, policymakers and regulators should exchange experience to develop best practices for innovation and regulation. The GAB facilitates this informal information exchange under Chatham House Rule.

A Promoter of

Global Blockchain Convergence

The GAB promotes sound cooperation between international organisations and global standard-setting bodies together with INATBA’s Standardisation Committee. The GAB acts as an interlocutor for the Committee by acting as a sounding board for ongoing standardisation initiatives. The GAB helps develop common views on standards for blockchain that guide the Committee and the use of blockchain for the UN SDGs.

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