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Metaverse Matters: Setting Standards for a Boundless Digital Frontier

As the Metaverse redefines the way we interact with digital environments, it presents a myriad of regulatory deficiencies that require immediate attention.

While its potential is widely recognised, this panel discussion will delve into the pressing concerns within the Metaverse including privacy, custodianship, censorship, accessibility, and monopolization to name a few.

Through the session, our panelists will also explore both public and private metaverse environments, aiming to foster a comprehensive understanding of the Metaverse’s potential as both a public utility and as a fertile ground for private entrepreneurship.

By reinforcing the need for industry standards to be adopted and understanding the challenges and barriers that might hinder widespread adoption, this panel aims to set the stage for constructive collaborations between governments, industry leaders, and technologists, laying the groundwork for a Metaverse that is not only technologically advanced but also ethically responsible and universally accessible.

Finally, through thoughtful discussions and innovative solutions exploration, the panel aims to identify ways to ensure users’ safety, data protection and democratized access within these virtual realms; in order to draw a comprehensive overview of the path required to enable an inclusive Metaverse that leaves no one behind.


Sep 21 2023


13:00 - 14:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 21 2023
  • Time: 07:00 - 08:00

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Panel Discussion


INATBA Online Conference Room


INATBA Executive Office
INATBA Executive Office

Other Organizers

EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum
EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum
ROOM: Lifelike 3D Communication
ROOM: Lifelike 3D Communication


  • Tadej Slapnik
    Tadej Slapnik
    CEO | HashNET Slovenia

    Tadej Slapnik is CEO at HashNET Slovenia, CEO and founder of World Metaverse Council, CEO at Cotrugli Business School Slovenia, Chairman of Organising Committee of European Blockchain Week, former State Secretary in the Cabinet office of the Prime Minister and former Member of Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia. He is Expert at UN/CEFACT, Expert Panel member at European Blockchain Observatory and Forum, Member of Technical Working Group at European Blockchain Partnership, Project lead at SI-Chain – blockchain service infrastructure in Slovenia. Tadej is actively involved in promotion, development and smart regulation of blockchain technology for achieving Sustainable Development Goals at national, European and global level.

  • Wan Wei Soh
    Wan Wei Soh
    CEO & Founder | IKIGUIDE Metaverse Collective

    Award winning A.I. and metaverse marketer.

    CEO and Founder of IKIGUIDE Metaverse Collective. IKIGUIDE trains visionary entrepreneurs, marketers and creatives on A.I.-enhanced marketing strategies and techniques to supercharge their revenues.

    CEO and Co-founder of AI:DA, Asia’s Mindfulness movement powered by Generative A.I.

    Spearheaded international projects such as the official Finland 100 project, endorsed by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office

    Keynote/ Speaker at >100+ global Web3.0 and metaverse conferences

  • Ondrej T.
    Ondrej T.
    Metaverse & Web3 Advisor
  • Giulio Di Clemente
    Giulio Di Clemente
    Software QA Analyst | Bit4id
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