Supply Chain Working Group


The Supply Chain Working Group supports the adoption of blockchain technology by identifying the main challenges in the sector and establishing strategic partnerships with the main stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Objectives for 2020

The Working Group co-chairs have agreed on two main objectives:

• First, the Working Group will identify the main areas of action and challenges for deploying blockchain technology in supply chain. This will be done by taking the WEF Blockchain Deployment Toolkit as a reference.

• Second, once identified the main areas of interest and competency, the Working Group will establish strategic partnerships to cooperate with logistics providers, OEM, ERP providers, regulators, public institutions or existing blockchain consortia for the purpose of supporting and fostering the adoption of blockchain technology.

Outputs for 2020

The Working Group engages in a number of activities designed to achieve the aforementioned objectives. Among others, the Working Group is working on a questionnaire for WG members based on the WEF framework; will draft a position paper based on the WG members’ competencies and areas of expertise; and will coordinate actions with other WGs, AAB and GAB members to identify synergies.

Why is it essential?

The supply chain has been identified as a key application industry for blockchain technology. In order to achieve the full potential of the technology, this Working Group will address how blockchain can help address key challenges in the supply chain industry.


Cengiz Kakil


Denis Avrilionis