Identity Working Group


The Working Group supports and fosters the creation of an identity ecosystem for interoperable, trusted blockchain services. This will be achieved by providing compliance and foundational layers for the governance and interoperability of identity systems that can be used in blockchain applications.

Objectives for 2020

The Working Group has selected four objectives around which it will carry out its annual work:
• Work towards a joint positioning of the Working Group
• Identify digital identity sandboxes in the EU
• Contribute to the work to the Identity/KYC/privacy sub-group from a technical & regulatory perspective
• Extend the support to external organizations and stakeholders (eg. EBSI-ESSIF stakeholder meetings)

Outputs for 2020

The Working Group engages in a number of activities aimed at achieving the aforementioned objectives. Among others, the WG focuses on: drafting and publishing the First Working Group Position Paper; providing a short opinion on a relevant topic for the Identity WG to reach out to the general public; organizing one topic-focused roundtable/workshop with representatives from Academic or Regulatory Bodies.

Why is it essential?

Identity plays an essential role for trusted blockchain applications. It is needed to create a collaborative context with a high level of transparency to encourage honest and good players to provide business value-added functions and supports governance and interoperability.


Kai Wagner