Healthcare Working Group


The Healthcare Working Group provides a better understanding of the potential of blockchain to enable and improve regulation in healthcare and provide guidance to organizations implementing blockchain in relevant fields.

Objectives for 2020

The WG has agreed on three objectives around which it will carry out its annual work:

● Map the blockchain ecosystem in the healthcare sector by clarifying: how blockchain works in healthcare, who are the main stakeholders involved and what is the legislative landscape on the use of blockchain technology in healthcare.
● Establish relations and engagement with relevant bodies (EU or International) by fostering the interaction with governmental bodies.
● Enhance the level of education in blockchain by sharing knowledge and insight with governmental and academic bodies, as well as with healthcare professionals and providers at large, establishing a bi-directional learning process.

Outputs for 2020

The Working Group engages in a number of activities aimed at achieving the above-mentioned objectives. Among others, the WG identifies and addresses technical, organizational and behavioral economics challenges related to uptake; investigates current regulations and existing gaps; participates in external events and takes part in external initiatives in cooperation with the World Economic Forum.

Why is it essential?

As blockchain matures and its use spreads across industries, healthcare is one of the sectors in which the interaction between technology and regulation becomes more essential.

Because of the complexity and sensitivity of the industry, it is crucial that INATBA creates an active collaborative framework, not only to bring regulation and legal clarity to blockchain applications in the healthcare sector, but also to explore how the technology itself can support and expedite the digital transformation of healthcare leading to greater system efficiencies and better health outcomes.


Danny Van Roijen


Mirko De Malde