Climate Action Working Group


By advancing integrated frameworks for interoperability, the CAWG will help build capacity and collaborative networks in both the tech and climate communities so that concrete, scalable solutions are developed for climate actions. The CAWG will support research and help improve access to data and digital resources to increase stakeholder participation and help achieve ambitious climate goals in combination with integrity, inclusiveness and cost-effectiveness.

Objectives for 2020

The WG has agreed on three objectives around which it will carry out its annual work:

  • First, the WG is currently coordinating with the Social Impact Working Group in the planning of joint activities including subgroups (e.g. climate/sustainable finance) and research (e.g. landscape survey).
  • Second, the WG will focus on researching carbon footprint of blockchains and pathways to transition to more climate-friendly options.
  • Third, the WG will coordinate with stakeholders to identify solutions to advance “actionable” projects with tangible results in the short-to-medium term.

Overall, the Working Group aims to support capacity building about blockchain for the climate community, and about climate for the blockchain community.


Pedro Ramon Lopez Garcia


Tom Baumann