Mapping LATAM's Impactful Initiatives for a Sustainable Future in the Latest INATBA Report - INATBA
LATAM, sustainability, social impact, blockchain
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Mapping LATAM’s Impactful Initiatives for a Sustainable Future in the Latest INATBA Report

Blockchain for Sustainable Impact: Unveiling Latin America’s Innovations report is the result of a collaboration between the INATBA Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group members (, ClimateCoin, IOTA, NYALA), the INATBA Governmental Advisory Board member LACChain, and PositiveBlockchain.

This comprehensive report explores the landscape of sustainability, conservation, and social impact within Latin America (LATAM) and the Caribbean. In a region marked by its unparalleled biodiversity and immense potential for innovation, this report serves as a compass, guiding us toward a future defined by global solutions.

The report highlights key regions and initiatives shaping the sustainability discourse, underscoring the imperative of a comprehensive understanding of LATAM’s projects. It showcases a curated selection from the PositiveBlockchain and LACChain databases, acknowledging the vast universe of initiatives deserving attention within the region.

A sincere thanks to all the authors, contributors and reviewers who made this report come to life: Mariana de la Roche (IOTA Foundation), Laura Kajtazi (IOTA Foundation), Lorna Hutchman (, Lukas Wagner (NYALA), Samuel Lee (ClimateCoin), Albi Rodriguez Jaramillo (LACChain), Blanca K. Sandoval Bueno (LACChain), Ani Ramos (PositiveBlockchain), Jessica Salamanca (PositiveBlockchain), Lucas Zaehringer (PositiveBlockchain), Rica Amaral (PositiveBlockchain), Gustavo Prieto (INATBA Academic Advisory Board, Ghent University), Katarina Adam (INATBA Academic Advisory Board, HTW Berlin).

We invite you to explore this report by downloading it via the form below: