Exploring the Future of the Metaverse through "A Holistic Introduction of Virtual Worlds for Policy Makers" Report - INATBA
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Exploring the Future of the Metaverse through “A Holistic Introduction of Virtual Worlds for Policy Makers” Report

Over the past years, the INATBA Metaverse Task Force has dedicated hours of discussions, research and collaboration on producing the first of its kind holistic report on the Metaverse, Virtual Worlds and the proper portentia regulation that can enable the emergence of an extended world that works for everyone, Europe and European citizens.

In recent times, discussions around the Metaverse have seemingly receded from the forefront of public discourse. Nevertheless, the Metaverse remains a pivotal and transformative concept with enduring significance. At INATBA, we recognise its ongoing relevance and have conducted a thorough analysis to understand its complexities, risks, and potential.

Report Goals and Motivations:

Our report aims to unearth risks, delving into the inherent risks within the burgeoning Metaverse industry, analysing existing regulatory frameworks that are applicable onto Virtual Worlds and identifying regulatory gaps and how to properly fill them by proposing balanced and forward-looking policies to foster innovation while ensuring safety. The Metaverse, envisioned as the future of the Internet, is at a crucial juncture for INATBA members. Differentiating between current realities and potential futures is essential when considering policy creation.

Our report also highlights how blockchain technology can enhance social platforms with robustness, monetisation, and self-sovereignty, while also addressing the associated psychological, data protection, and financial risks. We invite all interested stakeholders to join our work streams on this subject and welcome feedback on our findings. For inquiries, feedback, or further information, please contact us at info@inatba.org.

Our thanks goes to the authors of the report:

Ioannis Karamitsos, INATBA Academic Advisory Board and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), UAE
Erol User, Coinarmy, Turkey
Sameh Al-Qadi, EastNets, Jordan
Stephanie Attias, The Sandbox, France
Annette Belling, Caisse des Dépôts, France
Jed Grant, Infrachain, Luxembourg
Tan Gürpinar, INATBA Academic Advisory Board and the Quinnipiac University, USA
Elias Haddad, EastNets, Jordan
Frederic Hannesen, Onchain Foundation (Lisk), Germany
Merav Ozair, INATBA Academic Advisory Board and the New York University, USA & Cornell University, USA
Donna Redel, INATBA Academic Advisory Board and the Fordham University – School of Law, USA
Konstantinos Stylianou, INATBA Academic Advisory Board and the University of Glasgow, UK
Giles Swan, Blockchain.com, UK

For more information about the INATBA Metaverse Task Force, visit: https://inatba.org/metaverse-task-force-2/

We invite you to explore the full report by downloading it via the form below: