Credentials of Tomorrow: Unveiling INATBA's Digital Credentials Task Force Report - INATBA
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Credentials of Tomorrow: Unveiling INATBA’s Digital Credentials Task Force Report

INATBA is delighted to announce the publication of the Digital Credentials Task Force Report.

Digital credentials, the digital counterparts of physical documents, have the power to revolutionize our daily lives by providing a secure and efficient means to access services and conduct transactions in our increasingly digital world. From opening bank accounts to global travel and trade, the transformative impact of digital credentials is vast, and we’re only scratching the surface of this global shift.

This comprehensive report is a response to the growing importance of understanding and implementing digital credentials with a focus on mutual recognition and interoperability across jurisdictions. Co-led by INATBA’s Governmental Advisory Body, the task force comprises members from diverse sectors globally, pooling their expertise to address key challenges.

Building upon the insights from the INATBA Governmental Advisory Body report on the Digital Credentials and Self-Sovereign Identity Workstream, published in August 2022, this report provides valuable recommendations for ensuring the safety, security, and usability of digital credentials.

A big thanks to the authors who contributed to the report, namely

  • Gladstone M. Arantes Jr., INATBA Governmental Advisory Board and Brazilian Development Bank
  • Daniel Bachenheimer, Accenture
  • Maarten Boender, Sphereon
  • Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio, INATBA Governmental Advisory Board and United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund
  • Antonio Matias Gil, To Be Blockchain
  • Paola Heudebert, Archipels
  • Suguru Iwaya, INATBA Governmental Advisory Board and Cabinet Secretariat of Japan
  • Paul Jackson, INATBA Governmental Advisory Board and Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Government of Canada
  • Laura Kajtazi, IOTA Foundation
  • Joachim Lebrun, Tokeny
  • Shurong Li, Tokeny
  • Ali Shoker, INATBA Academic Advisory Board and KAUST
  • Luigi Telesca, Trakti
  • Kai Wagner, Jolocom
  • Lisa Wilson (Short), INATBA Academic Advisory Board and Tshwane University of Technology


Learn more about the Task Force here and about the work of the Identity Working Group here.

We invite you to explore this report by downloading it via the form below: