INATBA Launches Industrial Blockchain Task Force to Drive European Innovation - INATBA
The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) is excited to announce the formation of the Industrial Blockchain Task Force.
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INATBA Launches Industrial Blockchain Task Force to Drive European Innovation

Brussels, October 25, 2023 – The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) is excited to announce the formation of the Industrial Blockchain Task Force. This pioneering initiative invites blockchain and DLT aficionados from the public and private sectors to come together to assess and discuss tech infrastructure projects that involve blockchain technology. The aim is to provide an end report in January 2024 that maps these projects and analyses both synergies and gaps of their technical foundations. Such a status quo report will help fostering innovation-oriented decision-making and strengthen the basis for reporting and regulatory compliance efforts throughout Europe.


The Industrial Blockchain Task Force’s core mission is to empower industrial decision-makers and drive innovation planning, analysing all the different efforts in building resilient industrial products and processes that leverage the combination of blockchain and AI. This collaborative effort welcomes both INATBA members and non-member companies, ensuring a diverse range of expertise, from sectors such as energy, automotive, production, and circular economies.


Ricardo Simoes, Executive Director of INATBA, stated, “It is a remarkable accomplishment for us, at INATBA, to be able to extend our reach and contribute to the next planning phase of tech infrastructure projects at the European level, by providing a snapshot of the use of blockchain and AI for building industrial consortiums and processes. The launch of this Task Force represents a significant step forward in facilitating EU collaboration and underlines the versatility of blockchain use in pillar industries, ensuring technological advancement on public and private sector projects.”


“We are very pleased to see key European corporations joining this Task Force together with larger and smaller, expert INATBA members – together with the representatives of the European Commission we are certainly forming a great group for such an important task. We believe that the envisioned status report will be a very useful tool for the Belgian presidency of the EU – since they have announced to put an emphasis on the adoption of blockchain technology for the ‘European backend of tomorrow’. But in the same way it can serve as a point of orientation for all companies to better understand the emerging technical landscape of the future – and as a starting point for the discussions on innovation for the next EU presidency after the upcoming European elections next year,” expressed Sebastian Becker, initiator of the Industrial Blockchain TaskForce and the Board Member of INATBA. 

Key focus areas of the Industrial Blockchain Task Force include evaluating existing use cases, promoting corporate and consortial collaboration, advocating for standardisation in major industries, and exploring the role of blockchain in upcoming EU policy goals and initiatives through concrete deliverables:

  • A corporate and consortial blockchain tech adoption map;
  • A list of advanced blockchain capabilities, technical solutions, and modules beyond MVP stage: token incentivisation, tokenisation for financing, and cyber security enhancement through decentralisation;
  • A coherent overview of blockchain’s current status and its suitable applications, along with suggestions for upcoming projects and sector-coupling. 


Task Force members can anticipate participation in bi-weekly meetings, benefiting from a dynamic, cross-industry environment, gaining access to advanced blockchain capabilities, and collaborating with experts from diverse fields. The Task Force will examine existing use cases, assess the impact of corporate and consortial collaboration, and contribute to standardisation in major sectors like Energy, Automotive, Production, and Circular industries.

As utility tokens move toward regulatory compliance with MiCA in 2024, the Industrial Blockchain Task Force will play a crucial role in summarising the capabilities of blockchain technology, especially in relation to EU policy goals and initiatives, such as Digital Product Passports, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), and forthcoming ESG reporting requirements.


The members steering this Task Force include Accenture, Attest Machine Data, Aviate Labs, Bird & Bird, Blockchain Bundesverband, erable, European Commission, Fujitsu, Green Climate DAO, Guardtime, Imani Partners, Instituto New Economy, IOTA Foundation, iPoint-systems, Kunfud, MHP – A Porsche Company, SettleMint, Siemens, Sphereon, thebrainbehind, Tokeny, Trakti, VeChain, 51Nodes.


For those eager to join this transformative initiative, now is the time to get involved with the Industrial Blockchain Task Force and help shape the future of technology integration. To become involved, please contact Bara Greplova at