Paribu Technologies Ltd - INATBA
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Paribu Technologies Ltd


Paribu is a pioneer technology company and the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform founded by Yasin Oral in 2017. In an independent world of decentralization, it develops financial services that define global standards and provides people with the most practical solutions they need. It walks on the path of transparency and integrity. It believes in collective productivity and sustainable success while protecting the environment and building the future without waiting for it to come.

Paribu serves its users a fast, easy and secure cryptocurrency exchange experience. Its 6 million users shall execute their transactions 24/7. Besides serving as a cryptocurrency exchange platform, it has launched Paribu Net, Paribu‘s blockchain network, on which one shall write smart contracts and develop distributed applications.

Paribu defines global standards in cryptocurrency transactions, helping people benefit from the decentralized finance universe.

Country: United Kingdom
Working Group: Finance, Social Impact & Sustainability, Standards Committee