We Welcome Newly Elected Chairs for INATBA's Six Dynamic Industry Working Groups for 2024 - INATBA
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We Welcome Newly Elected Chairs for INATBA’s Six Dynamic Industry Working Groups for 2024

We thank all members, particularly those who volunteered as candidates, to make a positive difference in the industry.
We are happy to announce the new leadership for the Working Groups for 2024:
Education WG: 
Nicole Giani – 21 Analytics
Chiara Ventura – Blockchain Italia
Finance WG:
Jean Christophe Mathonet – ProSquare
Izzat-Begum Rajan – Imani Partners
Identity WG:
Graeme Hampton – AMLBot
Eike Hass – IOTA Foundation
Privacy WG:
Wiktor Pinkwart – token.com
Dave Zein – Block-Staff
Social Impact and Sustainability WG:
Samuel Seongeun Lee – The World in 2050
Mariana de la Roche – Validvent
Standardisation Committee:
Ismael Arribas – Kunfud
Luke Riley – Quant
Working Groups are the lifeblood of INATBA, and the role of chairs is instrumental to its success. We appreciate the strong commitment and engagement from the newly elected chairs and look forward to working together to deliver impactful outputs.
Again, congratulations to the new co-chairs! We look forward to a strong 2024 working together!