Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group Announcement - INATBA
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Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group Announcement

In January 2022, INATBA restructured the Working Groups (WGs) of the association in order
to prioritise actions. The WGs were reduced from thirteen to the following six:

● Finance
● Identity
● Privacy
● Education
● Social Impact and Sustainability (Previously Social Impact and Climate Action WG)
● Standardisation Committee (Standards, Interoperability & Governance)

The work of the Climate Action WG has focused on advancing integrated frameworks for
interoperability in order to help build capacity and collaborative networks in both tech and
climate communities, promoting scalable solutions for climate actions. While the work of the
Social Impact Working Group was to leverage member expertise to highlight the potential of
blockchain/DLT in tackling social issues such as climate change, poverty, inequality, food
waste, corruption, and other areas covered by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs).
Following the merging of the two groups, it was suggested to integrate both topics (social
impact and sustainability) into the name of the WG in order to make everyone interested in
social impact and/or climate feel welcome to join the discussions and work carried by the WG.
Hence, INATBA members were invited to share their thoughts on the new name and
anonymously participate in a survey.
The participants of the survey unanimously decided to change the name of the new merged
working group to Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group (SISWG). Hence, the WG
will function under this name from March 2022 onwards.
Visit us at for more information about the actions of the SISWG.