INATBA Welcomes 11 New Members from Across the Blockchain Ecosystem - INATBA
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INATBA Welcomes 11 New Members from Across the Blockchain Ecosystem

INATBA is proud to announce that eleven new leaders in the blockchain ecosystem have joined as new INATBA Members over the summer period. Below, find some background on each of our valued members and the great work they are doing in the industry.

Malta Digital Innovation Authority – MDIA: MDIA is the primary Authority responsible for promoting all governmental policies that promote Malta as the centre for excellence for technological innovation, while setting and enforcing standards that ensure compliance with any other international obligations. The Authority seeks to protect and support all users and also encourages all types of innovations, by allowing for maximum flexibility when it comes to the certification of Innovative Technology Arrangements.

Qtum: Qtum is an open-sourced public blockchain platform, leveraging the security of UTXO while enabling multiple virtual machines including EVM and ARM VM. Qtum is PoS based and boasts a Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) allowing specific blockchain settings to be modified by making use of smart contracts. For instance, the block size of Qtum can be increased without the need of a hard fork.

Vizidox Solutions Limited (VDX) Vizidox Solutions Limited (VDX) is a Blockchain-as-a-Service company offering tracking solutions to unlock data management. VDX is agnostic in terms of industry, format, storage or blockchain protocol.

Protokol – Protokol is a blockchain solutions provider enabling global enterprises to solve real business challenges through the power of custom blockchain solutions. Protokol combines the flexible and interoperable ARK blockchain platform with expert-led services; to translate complex blockchain technology into effective business outcomes. 

Top Energy Mexico – With operations throughout the Far North, the Top Energy Group has interests in electricity generation, lines distribution and electrical contracting. The Group’s lines network stretches from North Cape down to Waipoua Settlement on the west coast and across to the Russell Peninsula on the east coast, supplying electricity to over 31,000 power consumers

PureFi – PureFi is building compliance tools (AML, KYC) through Verifiable Credentials & Self Sovereign Identity to protect entities and investors against AML risks while interacting with DeFi projects. Its long term vision is to enable institutional investors to participate in a growing DeFi sector.

Trakti – Trakti is an award winning cloud and blockchain software platform that provides teams a secure framework to manage commercial negotiations, e-signature collection and digital / smart legal contracts execution, online following an agile, transparent and efficient approach.

JobChain – Jobchain®, the pioneering platform for recruitment and public administration, seeks to contribute the world’s adoption of blockchain technology.

Lipis Advisors – Lipis Advisors rely on many years of experience and deep contacts in the industry to give outstanding advice to players throughout the payments sector. Lipis Advisor’s experts are up to date on the latest trends and developments – and their counsel reflects the understanding of the market and our clients’ needs.

Interchain Foundation – Interchain Foundation supports research and development for secure, scalable, open, decentralized networks. They believe that open-source, cryptographic, consensus-driven, economic networks hold the key to an anti-fragile global economic system and equal opportunity for all. Internchain Foundation’s current focus is on the interoperable blockchain technology of the Cosmos Network.

The Global Strategy – The Global Strategy is a consulting company that enables their clients to create, deploy and improve business models, services and products through new technologies. The Global Strategy team provides training through customizing lectures, workshops, classes, event curators and In Company courses.

Ready to work alongside with these industry players to make a difference in the blockchain ecosystem? Join INATBA today.