INATBA Hosts Discussions on Standards and Interoperability
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INATBA Hosts Discussions on Standards and Interoperability

Please join us Thursday for a series of thoughtful online discussions, proudly hosted by the INATBA Standards Committee and Governance and Interoperability Working Groups

DATE: Thursday May 28, 2020

TIME: 9:30am — 4:15pm CEST (Two Sessions)

To join us, please register here.


· Welcome & Opening: 9:30am-10am CEST

o Ismael Arribas

o Marianna Belotti

o Marc Taverner, executive director of INATBA

o Pēteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit, Digital Innovation & Blockchain, European Commission.

SESSION 1 (10am-1pm CEST)

Discussion: Government strategies and policies for interoperability governance

Moderators: Ad Kroft and Monique Bachner (INATBA)

Description: This session will explore the strategic intentions concerning interoperability

of some selected regional or international blockchain initiatives that have a

high government involvement or endorsement. We would ask attendees to think about the role of standards and interoperability for building and deploying — cross-border — trusted and resilient blockchain infrastructure.

1.Keynote: Prof. Roman Beck

(10.00–10.30am CET)

The session will kick off with a keynote on the role of standards and interoperability and the best way forward in this field.

2. Government strategies for the interoperability and governance for blockchain infrastructure

(10:30–1pm CEST)

Next, high level representatives of blockchain initiatives will present their government strategies regarding Blockchain in different countries and focus on particularities regarding governance/interoperability.

Speakers & Special Guests will cover the 2.5 hours session — alternating between mini-presentations,

questions and interactive dialogue.


· Monique Bachner, INATBA

· Ad Kroft, INATBA

Speakers & Special Guests:

· Co-chair: Roman Beck — Professor in Information Systems and Head of European Blockchain Center

· Santosh Misra — Commissioner of e-governance fro Tamil Nadu in India

· Wei Kai — Vice Director of Cloud and Big Data Institute, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

· Virginia Cram Martos — United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business

· Cesar Perez-Chirinos — Former BEBAP and President of the UNE SC307

· Daniel Du Seuil — Convenor European Self Sovereign Identity Framework (EBSI) at European Blockchain Partnership

· Chloe White — Australian Blockchain Roadmap

· Moisés Menéndez — LACChain Principal Advisor and BEBAP expert.

· Montse Guardia — General Manager, Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem.

· Stela Mocan — World Bank

MIDDAY BREAK: 1pm — 1:15pm CEST

SESSION 2: Removing barriers to trade: Promoting interoperability via standards


· Emilio Dávila (European Commission)

· Gilbert Verdian (INATBA liaison Officer with ISO TC307)

Description: In the second version of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF), adopted in 2010 the European Commission introduced the concept of “Interoperability Governance.” The current EIF, published in 2017, describes interoperability governance as incorporating the “decisions on interoperability frameworks, institutional arrangements, organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, policies, agreements and other aspects of ensuring and monitoring interoperability at national and EU levels.” We would like attendees to think about the role of standards and interoperability for building and deploying cross-border, trusted and resilient blockchain infrastructure.

Introduction (5 minutes)

· Topic 1: Promoting interoperability via standards

Speaker: Emilio Dávila

Description: How does Standardisation work? Why are Standards important to Blockchain Interoperability and governance? Which are the Standards Developing Bodies and National approaches?

· Topic 2: Standards: How to get involved?

Speaker: Gilbert Verdian

Description: Gilbert, liaison officer from INATBA, will present how members can contribute to ISO TC307 and explain the role of ISO

Questions (2.5 hours)

The speakers will cover the 2.5 hours session — alternating between mini-presentations, questions and interactive dialogue (to ensure dynamic and interactive).

· Andrea Caccia — Chairman at JTC19 in CEN_CENELEC

· Diego López — Chairman at ETSI ISG PDL

· Martín Adolph — Program Manager at ITU-T

· Bart De Lathouwer — President of OGC

· Paolo Campegiani — Project leader of ISO TC307 TR 23249 on Identity Management

· Ignacio Alamillo — eIDAS Bridge (legal analysis)

· Tom De Block — AIOTI, Chairman DLT WG

· Ramesh Ramadoss — IEEE Blockchain Initiative

· Eric Cohen — Canadian Expert at ISO TC 307 SG7 on Interoperability

CLOSING: Conclusions, Summary & Thank You

Ismael Arribas, Joachim Lohkamp, Marianna Belotti, Ad Kroft and Monique Bachner (WG Co-chairs & Event Moderators)