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Vote For The Most Exciting Projects 2023 – INATBA AWARDS

INATBA Awards look to acknowledge and celebrate projects across the globe that are making a positive impact using blockchain/distributed ledger technologies. The Award for the Most Exciting Project of 2023 will be awarded in five categories: DeFi, ReFi, Social Innovation, Education and Corporate Innovation

Members of INATBA can vote for the winner in each category. The information below was shared on the application form by the applicant. Voting is now closed.

Winners will be announced during the INATBA Awards Ceremony in Brussels on 31 January.


Name Of The Company: DYNE.ORG FOUNDATION, Netherlands

Project Description: Zenroom: cryptography for the masses. Zenroom is a tiny, secure multiplatform VM written in C that runs on and off-chain, offering bleeding-edge cryptography and blockchain interoperability. For Zenroom, we have implemented the DLT “Zencode,” a programming language that is similar to natural English and readable by non-programmers. Along with its ecosystem, using Zenroom, we have implemented a multi-blockchain wallet, a W3C-DID method, and a REST-based microservice for quantum-proof signatures and multi-signatures.

Geographical Range: Europe

Industry Range: Software Solutions

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 75%

Partnership and Funding: 3M EUR in public funding by the close of 2022

Argument: Multi-platform, advanced cryptography, blockchain interoperability, and programmable by non-gamers

Name Of The Company: SENDING.ME, United States

Project Description: Sending Labs takes on the challenge of building accessible yet secure infrastructures for effective Web3 communication at both the developer and community levels. Sending Labs puts end-to-end decentralization at the core of its products, laying the groundwork for user-led data ownership. Using a multi-product approach, Sending Labs simultaneously addresses the needs of architects creating Web3 landscapes and the audiences participating. 

Geographical Range: Europe and United States

Industry Range: Financial Services, Software Solutions, Web3 and Communications

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 25%

Partnership and Funding: –

Argument: Sending.Me: An encrypted, decentralized group chat platform fostering ground-level, user-friendly Web3 growth. Users, creators, community managers, and key opinion leaders can connect socially, securely transact, or reward their friends and audiences. Through smart contract-powered payments, trading protocols, and premium services, creators can monetize projects through P2P swaps, community marketplaces, crowdfunding, airdrops, gifting, auctioning, and token-gated membership.

Sending.Network: A developer and engineer-focused SDK that assists teams in crafting secure, fully decentralized Dapps with rich social integrations. Builders can add in-app/cross-app chats, notifications, wallet or Decentralized ID (DID) logins, NFT/token-based transacting, and management features seamlessly on a unified platform.

Both platforms possess a comprehensive toolkit for community management and enhanced social features. Users retain full control over their identification, data, and assets, while communities gain full autonomy over their interactions, engagement, and rewards.


Name Of The Company: GoodGhosting, British Virgin Islands & Spain

Project Description: GoodGhosting is a DeFi social savings application that uses blockchain technology to encourage individuals to participate in the digital asset ecosystem and build their wealth more efficiently. The app gamifies savings by offering higher interest rates when other users become more passive savers, aligning entertainment with responsible investing objectives. By providing an easy and engaging platform for saving and investing using cryptocurrency, GoodGhosting aims to make decentralized finance accessible and engaging for all, especially in developing countries where access to traditional bank accounts is limited but access to mobile phones and the internet is high. The platform is built on both the Celo and Polygon blockchains, allowing for easy and secure storage and tracking of users’ savings in an environmentally friendly way. 

Geographical Range: Global

Industry Range: Education, Financial Services & Software Solutions

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 33.3%

Partnership and Funding: $1.25 million from Pre-seed and Seed Investors

Argument: GoodGhosting should be considered for this award because it is a unique and innovative solution to the problem of poor incentives for saving in traditional finance. By gamifying savings and providing higher interest rates, GoodGhosting aligns entertainment with responsible investing objectives and is accessible and engaging for all. The project has also achieved significant traction. Furthermore, GoodGhosting is promoting the adoption and understanding of decentralized finance among the general public. 


Name Of The Company:  Folks.Finance by Folks Finance, Italy

Project Description: Folks Finance is a non-custodial DeFi protocol built on Algorand that provides a full set of DeFi tools for managing digital assets. With $57 million in TVL, more than 10,000 unique wallets connected to the app since the launch on mainnet, and $600 million in volume transferred, Folks Finance has become the leading Algorand DeFi app, offering lending markets, farming options, swaps, and ALGO Liquid Governance. Upon launching V2, Folks Finance has pushed DeFi forward with advanced features such as auto-leveraging, composable swap transactions, and liquid governance, accessible through an intuitive and simple UX.

Geographical Range: Global

Industry Range: Financial Services & Software Solutions

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 95.6%

Partnership and Funding: 3M Seed and upcoming 7M from Strategic Investors

Argument: Folks Finance is the most advanced DEFI lending protocol on the market. It has been built as an evolution of AAVE V3, a leader in the field. Nearly 200 markets are supported; unique features include efficiency loans, stable and variable borrow rates, multiple isolated loan positions, Algo Liquid Governance, flash loans, collateral swapping, and auto-leveraging. 




Name Of The Company: EthicHub, Spain

Project Description: EthicHub has been providing affordable loans to smallholder farmers who are excluded from TradFi since 2018 by connecting DeFi to the productive economy of the real world: a smart contract-based crowdlending platform backed by ReFi crowd-collateral to de-risk the loans (a type of 2.0 Blended Finance). This win-win interaction among complementary economic regions tackles poverty and a lack of opportunities in a transparent, traceable, and sustainable way: default is less than 1%, and 100% of the lenders got their principal plus interest thanks to EthicHub’s innovative compensation system based on programmable crypto incentives (Ethix, its own ERC-20 impact token).

Geographical Range: United States

Industry Range: Financial Services 

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 122%

Partnership and Funding: Seed Funding from IDB Lab and several Venture Capital Funds

Argument: We have been pioneers in connecting the crypto and impact worlds to leverage their intersection to solve real-world problems since 2018, connecting DeFi to the productive economy long before the terms DeFi or ReFi were used. The benefits of our lending are not derived from financial derivatives, but rather from increased productivity of small farmers and their on-field crops. 

Name Of The Company: IotaOrigin, Spain

Project Description: IotaOrigin enables compliance with international regulations and their marketing through a digital tracking system, and it also enables ESG and impact investments in the sector. This enables diversification of commodity sourcing and promotes a responsible energy transition. Raw materials from small-scale mining are 600 times more CO2-efficient, and every dollar invested creates nine times more jobs than in industrial mines. In this way, small-scale mining can not only contribute to a responsible energy and resource transition but also become a pillar of the UN SDGs.

Geographical Range: Africa

Industry Range: Supply Chain/Logistics, Commodity Mining 

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 233%

Partnership and Funding: State Grant by German Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection

Argument: One of the greatest challenges facing society and the economy that needs to be solved is global warming. This challenge has by far the greatest impact on the way we think and act today and on the way we live together in the future. The renunciation of fossil energy sources and the sustainable management of our resources play an overriding role in this context. It should be pointed out that the energy turnaround also requires a resource turnaround. This resource turnaround is a challenge in itself and can lead to distortions in access, distribution, and use that raise social, political, and economic questions. IotaOrigin expresses in a particular way that this transition must be carried out responsibly and, at the same time, highlights the potential of this change. The issue of small-scale mining must return to the public eye and become the focus of the economy and society.

Name Of The Company: Flowcarbon, USA

Project Description: Flowcarbon’s Nature Token is the first multi-functional, crypto primitive bringing institutional grade carbon assets on-chain. Purchasing voluntary carbon credits is a key component of the solution to climate change, financing critical climate mitigation projects that are otherwise financially nonviable. However, significant inefficiencies slow the voluntary market, make scaling difficult, and keep the value from project proponents. Flowcarbon’s tokenization of voluntary carbon credits is a key solution, creating a liquid, transparent market that anyone can access.

Geographical Range: Europe and the United States

Industry Range: Climate Finance

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 51.5%

Partnership and Funding: Raised $70M in Venture Capital funding and the sale of the Flowcarbon’s Nature token

Argument: It is the first project of its kind and would enable the scaling of the Voluntary Carbon Market, which is necessary to meet worldwide climate goals. It aims to revolutionize the lack of liquidity, transparency, and contract standardization that characterizes the current market and makes it a barrier to entry. Flowcarbon’s mission is to drive billions of dollars directly to projects that reduce or remove carbon from the atmosphere by creating the first open protocol for tokenizing live, certified carbon credits from projects around the world.


Name Of The CompanyCelo Foundation, USA

Project Description: The Celo Foundation is the steward of the carbon-negative, mobile-first, permissionless Celo blockchain, which utilizes a fast, scalable Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. Celo’s shared mission is to create the conditions for prosperity—for everyone—and is known as the “Home of ReFi,” or regenerative finance, platforming mission-driven projects and building at the intersection of web3 and impact. In creating a new regenerative economy for people and planet, the platform hosts a diverse set of use cases, such as digital environmental assets, community currencies, universal basic income (UBI) protocols, and more. The Celo Foundation’s Alliance for Prosperity also brings together hundreds of institutional partners, including the Grameen Foundation, Mercy Corps Ventures, CRADL, and more, each of whom is committed to unlocking financial access and inclusion for all.

Geographical Range: Global

Industry Range: Blockchain Infrastructure

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: –

Partnership and Funding: Funding from Private Investors and Venture Capital Funds

Argument: As the leading layer-one blockchain built with purpose, the Celo ecosystem and its mission-aligned builders are unparalleled in leveraging web3 innovation to accelerate change for the climate and communities around the world. Despite the macro-challenges the industry is facing, the Celo community and the Celo Foundation team remain committed to promoting real-world use cases for blockchain technology, serving as a prescient salve for the mass-coordination problems of our time, from the climate crisis to extreme poverty. With scalable solutions and visionary founders, Celo offers a competing, lesser-known narrative to the speculative, get-rich-quick schemes of the industry dominating headlines today.




Name Of The CompanyMetagood, USA

Project Description: Metagood designs and launches NFT collections that create positive collective action worldwide. Its flagship NFT collection is OnChainMonkey, consisting of 10,000 pictures that were all minted on-chain in a single transaction for the first time in history. The OnChainMonkey DAO is a community fund collectively managed by its 5,000+ NFT holders. Using Web3 tools, including the utility of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, DAO governance, and more, Metagood created the OnChainMonkey international community that gathers together both online and offline to support important social causes.

OnChainMonkey uses blockchain to be truly transparent and authentic by recording all funds in publicly visible wallets. Through Prop.House, a public infrastructure enabling Web3 communities to deploy capital, members of the OnChainMonkey community are empowered to suggest and vote on which projects and actions to fund. OnChainMonkey has backed the evacuation of the well-known “Afghan Girl,” Sharbat Gula, to Italy, supported the restoration of coral reefs, funded internet in schools worldwide with Giga Connect, donated to a Ukrainian charity, and refurbished a local skatepark in Rio de Janeiro, among other causes.

Geographical Range: Global

Industry Range: Media & Culture

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 50%

Partnership and Funding: OnChainMonkey DAO is funded using the revenue generated during the initial mint of OCM Karma NFTs and royalties collected from secondary sales from Genesis and Karma NFTs.

Argument: OnChainMonkey is not an ordinary collection of profile picture NFTs for social media use. What makes it unique is its connection to a community of like-minded people who believe in a mission of doing well and doing good worldwide, with support from prominent individuals from the Web3 world and beyond. OnChainMonkey’s actions prove that Web3 can be used as a force for social good and catalyze positive change. Metagood’s project OnChainMonkey exemplifies social innovation by using Web3 tools to build and maintain international communities and empower them to create good worldwide. Through its DAO, Metagood is providing a template for how to effectively apply the transparency, authenticity, and community-building values of Web 3. The community is bringing social innovation to life by supporting charities and projects that will positively transform people’s lives.


Name Of The Company: LACChain, USA

Project Description: LACChain is the global alliance for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean, which originated in 2019 at the Innovation Lab of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Lab). The program’s objective is to provide financial, economic, and/or social inclusion to poor and vulnerable populations in the region through the proliferation and scaling of blockchain-enabled technology applications. LACChain’s vision is to make Web 3.0 a reality to unlock value for social impact and democratize the use of blockchain. The program seeks to accelerate social innovation projects by providing the accurate infrastructure to enable inclusive and scalable solutions. To achieve this, they focus on two big pillars: community and infrastructure. In terms of community, the LACChain Alliance supports national ecosystems and governments in LAC, has established regional and by-industry working groups, supports the organization of hackathons and challenges, and participates in standardization working groups, among many other tasks.

Geographical Range: Central and South America, Europe and North America

Industry Range: Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Software Solutions and Supply Chain/Logistics

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 23%

Partnership and Funding: Funding from IDB Lab and other partners

Argument: LACChain is a social innovation that transforms solutions to social, environmental, and economic problems in an efficient, integrated, scalable, and cost-effective manner. The program represents the opportunity to face major Latin American and Caribbean challenges through lems in an efficient, integrated, scalable, and cost-effective manner. The program represents the opportunity to face major Latin American and Caribbean challenges through real-life blockchain applications having a direct impact on development aligned with the SDGs. LACChain´s degree of adoption has exceeded all expectations for development and inclusion. By the beginning of 2023, the LACChain project had grown into a global alliance with 62 partners spread across the globe. The infrastructure enabled is being used by 115 entities, including governments, multilateral organizations, central banks, commercial banks, universities, private sector companies, consulting firms, and entrepreneurs.


Name Of The Company: GOODDOLLAR, Cayman Islands

Project Description: GoodDollar is harnessing the power of crypto to tackle poverty and better distribute wealth globally. It is the largest universal basic income (UBI) project in the world and currently distributes digital money to over 40,000 people in more than 180 countries every day. The GoodDollar protocol is a 100% mission-driven protocol and DAO whose goal is to create a new standard for free money as a public good, per the framework of universal basic income. Its mission is to advance financial education and empowerment through Web3, enabling money to flow efficiently to people and places around the world that need financial opportunities.

Geographical Range: Global

Industry Range: Social Impact / Non-Profit

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: –

Partnership and Funding: GoodDollar is a non-profit project funded by corporate donations

Argument: GoodDollar is one of the few examples of crypto being used by real people in the real world to make a positive social impact at scale. GoodDollar stands out for its community of changemakers, with a more than two-year track record and a real-world tested model that could scale to support UBI for millions around the world. These are the individuals around the world that are using GoodDollar to improve their lives and use the system to unlock economic activity. Everyone is so much more than the money they have in their bank accounts! Key community-led use cases include: Crowdfunding for causes: Over $25,000 worth of donations have been raised in G$ from community members for community members. This includes raising funds for women’s-focused organizations, paying tuition and scholarships, and paying hospital bills for members in need.

Name Of The Company: Centre Blockchain of Catalonia, Spain

Project Description: CatVers is the Catalan metaverse launched by the CBCat (Centre Blockchain of Catalonia), with the main objective to preserve the Catalan language and culture in the digital world. While the metaverse is taking off, we understand how important it is for this new space to be inclusive and accessible to the local communities. Thus, firstly, CatVers aims to be the place where the Catalan-speaking community can co-create in order to reproduce, evolve, and preserve Catalan culture and language, and secondly, to make it open for others to interact with and learn about this unique culture in the metaverse environment. Blockchain technology should play an important role in the future CatVers economy and public interaction inside the CatVers, with NFTs for avatars, art objects, and other items.

Geographical Range: Europe 

Industry Range: Public Institution

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: –

Partnership and Funding: Local grants

Argument: CatVers was created to promote the Catalan identity, language, and culture in the new digital environment that is the metaverse. Thus, it has been built to facilitate access to entities that are aligned with its values. On top of it, in the near future, it must be a gateway to other metaverses to make the Catalan community and culture visible to the rest of the world. It is a space in which one can develop Catalan talent, creativity, and innovation, as has happened in other times and in other artistic and cultural movements. At the same time, to be economically sustainable, CatVers must provide income to its owners and contributors, allowing users to work and monetize their work inside of CatVers. It aims to integrate technology, culture, and language. It aims to be an inclusive space where the human rights of the real world have their equivalent in the virtual world.




Name Of The Company: BlockchainIntelligence, Spain

Project Description: They have created a space in the metaverse where we lead our students (mostly professionals) to experience Web3 and the metaverse and fully understand the power of blockchain and IA. It started operating in May 2022 and is a key part of our postgraduate certification (now on its 27th edition). Our students enter our Blockchain Intelligence Metacenter and have an amazing learning experience as they create avatars to understand the interaction of Blockchain and VR/AR, connect their wallets to understand real-time payment through crypto and the power of valid legal business through blockchain, learn to use digital identity wallets and protect their privacy, and  decorate the walls of the center with their NFTs created by the students using AI to understand: a) the power and dynamics of creating tokens; b) the legal related elements (smart contracts, intellectual property, MiCA, etc.

Geographical Range: Central and South America & Europe

Industry Range: Education, Knowledge and Applied Science

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: –

Partnership and Funding: Self-funded

Argument: Our Blockchain Intelligence Metacenter is a real game changer, a learning tool that has been valued with 100% satisfaction by the participants since it was launched in May 2022. It transforms blockchain concepts into a living metaverse experience and promotes critical thinking and active use of blockchain to increase positive social impact. Under EU values such as privacy, sustainability, and the rule of law, our metacentre promotes collaborative, ethical, and human-centered digitalisation. We are pioneers in blockchain education with a 5-year track record of success and steady growth. We are supported by several relevant organizations that help us scale up sustainably. We remain critical and on the lookout for social impact. 


Name Of The Company: ZEFI FOUNDATION,UAE & Germany

Project Description: The ZeFi Foundation is a project that aims to tackle the problem of friction in humanitarian aid funding, specifically in the Middle East and North Africa region. The team uses blockchain technology to optimize aid delivery and unlock additional benefits by augmenting the traditional funding pipeline. The foundation focuses on bringing education to the masses by creating interactive, culturally-aware content that is tailored towards non-technical individuals and non-governmental organizations. The platform, content, interactive experiences, and workshops provided by ZeFi target all levels of the humanitarian aid funding pipeline to increase awareness, adoption, and capacity of blockchain technology. The foundation has a global team of 42 individuals to provide community-inspired and culturally-aware education and advocacy on blockchain technology. 

Geographical Range: Africa and the Middle East

Industry Range: Education

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: –

Partnership and Funding: Self-funded

Argument: ZeFi Foundation is a unique and innovative project that aims to accelerate blockchain adoption in the Middle East and North Africa region through advocacy and education. By working at all levels of the humanitarian aid funding pipeline, the foundation aims to increase the pipeline’s size while building awareness and adoption from the top and capacity and demand from the bottom. Additionally, the foundation aims to reduce reliance on non-value-added intermediaries, effectively shortening the pipeline and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of aid delivery. With a focus on the MENA region, the foundation’s push-pull-widen-shorten methodology, and engagement with more than 47,400 recipients, this project is making a positive impact in the fields of education and social good. Our goal is to empower and educate unbanked communities, build their capacity to be included in the international financial system, and use blockchain technology to promote social good and humanitarian aid.


Name Of The Company: University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Project Description: This free MOOC is the world’s first course delivered exclusively on-chain and in the metaverse. “On-chain” means that no centralised system of the university is involved in running the course: students register by minting a free NFT, which is stored in their Ethereum-compatible wallets (e.g., MetaMask). This token governs their access to the course. All course material (presentations, videos, etc.) is also minted as NFTs and airdropped to student wallets. Exams will also take place on-chain, while students who successfully complete the course will be awarded an NFT Certificate of Completion issued by the University of Nicosia. The course is taught by UNIC faculty, led by Prof. George Giaglis, a deeply influential thinker on NFTs and the metaverse and one of the largest NFT collectors in the world. Joining them are more than 50 guests, who represent some of the most influential entrepreneurs, artists, thinkers, and collectors in the NFT/Metaverse space. More than 22,000 students have registered for the course, which is expected to become a regular offering at the University of Nicosia.

Geographical Range: Europe 

Industry Range: Education

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: –

Partnership and Funding: It is funded by the Department of Digital Innovation and the Institute for the Future (IFF) of the University of Nicosia (UNIC).

Argument: It is the world’s first university course to be delivered exclusively on-chain and in the metaverse. It is 100% free to attend. It hosts 50+ industry experts as guest speakers, among them the leaders of the NFT space such as Fred Wilson (co-founder and partner at Union Square Ventures), Balaji Srinivasan (general partner at a16z and former CTO at Coinbase), etc. It has made a huge impact in the NFT, Metaverse, and Web3 spaces, with more than 22,000 students attending.

Name Of The Company: KryptoVlada, Czechia

Project Description: KryptoTime (CryptoTime) is a weekly news program that covers the latest developments in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, running on Hobby Channel, an independent nationwide Czech TV station. This free educational TV show is hosted by an expert in the field who provides in-depth analysis and commentary on the most important news and topics. In 2022, we will broadcast 33 episodes for Czech and Slovakian viewers, covering a wide range of topics, including the latest news and trends in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, In-depth interviews with industry leaders and experts, An analysis of the latest developments in blockchain technology and its potential applications, Coverage of regulatory developments and government policy related to blockchain and cryptocurrency, plus Educational segments that explain the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency to viewers who are new to the field.

Geographical Range: Europe and the United States

Industry Range: Cybersecurity, Education & Media & Culture

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: –

Partnership and Funding: Donations from private companies.

Argument: We would like to set an example of why free and publicly available periodic educational programs on nationwide television are important for the popularization of this technology.


Name Of The Company: Hacken OÜ, Estonia

Project Description: HackenProof is a bug bounty platform for the crypto space. Projects publish bounties to secure their code. Our users get rewarded for discovering critical bugs.

Geographical Range: Global

Industry Range: Cybersecurity

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: –

Partnership and Funding: Hacken Subsidiary

Argument: We’ve made the bug bounty market more accessible for crypto companies—it’s free to publish the bounties. We’ve built a community of ethical hackers who improve the web’s security.

Name Of The Company: Vodafone, United Kingdom

Project Description: The new “Digital Asset Broker” (DAB) platform from Vodafone allows verified connected devices, vehicles, smart street furniture, and machines to transact seamlessly and securely without human intervention, but with full owner control. Any connected device or sensor is assigned a unique digital identity. It can then communicate and transact securely with other devices using wallet and payment technology secured by the mobile SIM. The platform is secure. It uses the latest blockchain technology, meaning that all devices and machines connected to Vodafone DAB are verified as trustworthy and then automatically allowed to exchange and trade data and money over secure and encrypted connections. The service is live today in a market-leading trial in which a connected EV communicates autonomously and securely with a charging point. Working with Mastercard and Energy Web, a not-for-profit organization focused on decarbonizing energy grids, motorists are sent real-time information on the status and compatibility of the nearest available charging point and can authorize their vehicle to recharge effortlessly.

Geographical Range: Africa, Asia and Europe

Industry Range: Financial Services, Supply Chain/Logistics, Postal Services & Telecommunications, Transportation

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 66.6%

Partnership and Funding: Vodafone Self Funding

Argument: Vodafone DAB solves the problem of the myriad of existing connected devices and systems tending to operate in isolation. It exemplifies the power of blockchain to securely identify, communicate, transact, and monetize in an autonomous, reliable way using wallets, identity passports, and smart contracts.


Name Of The Company: SPYCE.5, Germany

Project Description: The use of our secure data spaces in combination with digital identity will be highly relevant for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, government, supply chain management, and more, first in private environments (due to the current lack of regulation) and later in public environments. In healthcare, data spaces will be used to securely store and share patient medical records and personal information, ensuring that sensitive information is kept private and only accessible to authorized parties while also reducing the risk of data breaches. In finance, data spaces will be used to securely store and share financial transactions and personal information, helping to prevent fraud and identity theft while also ensuring compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In government, data spaces will be used to securely store and share the personal information of citizens and government employees, improving data privacy and security while also ensuring compliance with regulations such as the GDPR. 

Geographical Range: Asia, Europe and the United States

Industry Range: Cybersecurity, Financial Services, Healthcare, Supply Chain/Logistics, Postal Services & Telecommunications

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 150%

Partnership and Funding: Pre-Seed from investors 

Argument: As a project for secure data spaces and digital identity, we see ourselves as a strong competitor for the corporate innovation award for the following reasons: 1) We address a significant need in the market: With the increasing digitization of data, there is a growing need for secure storage and sharing of sensitive information. Our project provides a solution to this need by offering a secure, decentralized platform for storing and sharing data. 2) We demonstrate innovative technology: Our project incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as encryption, access controls, and user authentication via blockchain to provide a high level of security for data stored on the platform. 3) We show strong potential for growth: We have already demonstrated traction and have a strong corporate network (including advisors from Cisco, Software AG, and others), positioning us to continue to innovate and grow in the future. Our leadership team is a senior executive team with decades of experience in leadership, corporate innovation, provisioning of global managed services, and scaling organizations.

Name Of The Company: Trenitalia, Italy & Trakti, United Kingdom

Project Description: Smart Refund is the new end-to-end instant refund system that provides real-time verification of the status of the trip for all Trenitalia customers. The platform facilitates the refund request and streamlines the management of ticket reimbursement in case of delay, thanks to the usage of Trakti’s smart legal contract management platform and its multi-blockchain infrastructure support. With Smart Refunds, we automate the monitoring and certification of travel data, and we automate the instant calculation of any refund or voucher to be awarded in accordance with the contract’s and the law’s rules. We increase transparency in the process.

Geographical Range: Europe 

Industry Range: Software Solutions, Supply Chain/Logistics and Transportation

Progression Of The Workforce Growth Rate: 41.6%

Partnership and Funding: Project is funded by Trenitalia.

Argument: It is the first time that blockchain technology has been used to improve the customer experience and back-office automation of one of Europe’s leading railway operators. Trenitalia manages over 9,000 trains every day and transports over 500 million passengers per year. This is a transformational and revolutionary project for the operator and the sector that will impact more than 40 million people traveling with Trenitalia’s high-speed trains in Italy every year and could also revolutionize the entire mobility sector. Smart Refund will increase the customer experience and promote transparency in the sector, as required by the EU Commission. Customers will benefit from a system that is not only faster but also easier to monitor for the compensation and reimbursement of their travels. The after-sales team will be freed from the management of requests that will be fully automated thanks to the rule-based approach of the smart contract and the blockchain. The after-sales team will be able to manage a greater number of practices by reducing resolution times. Blockchain will provide transparency and compliance with national authorities.