Year 1: Interoperability, Governance and Constructive Dialogue
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INATBA at Year 1: Advancing Interoperability, Governance and Constructive Dialogue

By Lory Kehoe

Lory Kehoe, ConsenSys

The founding of INATBA one year ago represented a concerted multi-sector effort to explore the efficacy of blockchain solutions for social and economic betterment. INATBA’s working groups focused on Education, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Identity, Mobility, Privacy, Real Estate and Supply Chains are laying the foundations to accelerate the development and adoption of solutions to transform and modernise these sectors. Events such as Convergence have been crucial to unifying and mobilising the global blockchain ecosystem — connecting regulators, policymakers and researchers with industry players in order to share and exchange views and best practices.

Blockchain technology is increasingly representing a key driver in shaping our future economic systems. The work INATBA is achieving in advancing interoperability, sector-specific guidelines and standards, transparent inclusive governance and ongoing constructive dialogue with authorities and regulators will be central to the application of this technology in more secure, equitable, and efficient societies across the globe.

Blockchain represents one of the world’s fastest-growing technology sectors, but we have reached a critical juncture, at which regulators must seek to achieve a transparent and inclusive global model of governance that accounts for the risks that misuse of the technology can produce, while simultaneously fostering innovation and growth.

As a longtime advocate for enhanced regulation in the sector, I believe INATBA’s work in furthering the development of global standards to enhance trust in blockchain applications is of paramount importance. INATBA has brought together a broad coalition of stakeholders in order to reflect the shared interests of sector players, including start-ups, large corporates, not-for-profit organisations, civil society organisations, governments and international organisations to ensure that everyone benefits from blockchain’s transformative potential.

Lory Kehoe is Managing Director & Head of Global Partnerships at ConsenSys and Adjunct Professor of Emerging Technology at Trinity College Dublin