INATBA and PositiveBlockchain Announce Partnership to Drive Social and Environmental Impact - INATBA
In this episode, we spoke with Mariana de la Roche, a member of the BC100+ Steering Committee. Mariana provided a comprehensive overview of BC100+'s remarkable journey so far, highlighting the achievements in 2023 and offering a sneak peek into the exciting plans for 2024.
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INATBA and PositiveBlockchain Announce Partnership to Drive Social and Environmental Impact

We are thrilled to announce a synergistic collaboration between INATBA and PositiveBlockchain!

This partnership solidifies our commitment to jointly drive initiatives that harness the power of blockchain and web3 for positive social and environmental impact. The collaboration will primarily unfold within the Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group of INATBA. Together, we will:

  • Leverage our networks, amplify the visibility of impactful projects and share insights that inspire positive change.
  • Join forces, map out ecosystems and databases to identify synergies and opportunities for collaboration, fostering a robust blockchain ecosystem. 
  • Through collaborative research initiatives, we will advance the understanding of blockchain’s potential for social good, driving knowledge sharing and innovation.

Together, we work to deliver a future where blockchain and web3 technologies drive sustainable change, leaving a positive imprint on our world.

Don’t hesitate to join our social impact and sustainability-related efforts at INATBA or the BC100+ initiative.

For more information, you can contact the Working Group directly at