INATBA - Ready to Address Global Challenges
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During Time of Uncertainty, INATBA Stands Ready to Address Global Challenges

By Marc Taverner, Executive Director of INATBA

As part of our core mission to foster public and private engagement, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) is proud to have joined the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform.

The WEF platform is significant as it brings together the World Health Organization, corporate CEOs and top experts from leading global organisations to coordinate multi-stakeholder contributions into the fight to combat the global spread of coronavirus.

This is an excellent example of how INATBA’s members collaborate and leverage their combined skills and expertise from multiple sectors to support public-private efforts to address the diverse set of challenges facing governments, business and society today.

During this unprecedented period of global turbulence, INATBA is proud to lead an ecosystem that is capable of innovating at high speed and leveraging emerging technologies such as blockchain to improve the global systems and services that people need to use and trust every day.

INATBA will continue to work hard to support and represent our members as we all adapt to the rapidly evolving global pandemic and its consequences. To this end, our team are exploring new and innovative models of operation which reflect our global circumstances.

During this period of global change, I wish to acknowledge and thank our fantastic team of dedicated staff, partners, members and supporters. We continue to work hard to identify suitable platforms and projects which will support our public and private members objectives and very importantly at this time, allow our innovative and supportive industry to contribute towards reducing the impact of this global pandemic.

Best wishes and good health.

Taverner is INATBA’s Executive Director.