Help protect the future of crypto assets in Europe

Join the INATBA MiCA Task Force

European Commission’s proposed regulation on Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) is going to definitively change the landscape for crypto service providers and crypto assets in Europe and beyond. INATBA is inviting fellow trade associations, private sector companies, and civil society organizations to join its industry-wide task force to help ensure that these innovative technologies are allowed to prosper. After gathering industry-wide feedback and input on MiCA, the task force will leverage INATBA's platform to bring comments to the European Commission, European Parliament, and member states. Together, we will ensure the voice of the industry is heard.


MiCA Task Force

INATBA is gathering commentary from the entire blockchain ecosystem on the EU’s new digital finance regulations. All companies and organisations that are not members of INATBA are welcome to contribute. The call for public submissions ends on November 20th, 2020.

The Future of Digital Finance in Europe

The European Commission proposed regulations for digital finance, crypto-assets and blockchain will profoundly impact the DLT & Blockchain market in the European Economic Activity Area and beyond. The goal of the INATBA MiCA Task Force is to evaluate these new regulations and incorporate community feedback into guidance that can be presented to the European Commission, European Parliament and member states as they evaluate these proposals for digital finance.


Help shape the future of digital finance and blockchain in Europe