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We help our clients throughout their Digital Metamorphosis processes, understood as a profound and transversal change that influences companies beyond the processes, changing them forever. We offer a complete portfolio of technological and methodological capabilities, standing out in environments such as AI, Data & Intelligence, Digital Experience, DevOps, Cloud, Cyber ​​Security, Smart Software Labs, It Sourcing, Business Solutions, Blockchain, Project & IT Governance Consulting and other technologies enablers of transformation processes.


From the blockchain area we have launched Identfy, Izertis‘ decentralized and self-managed digital identity solution aligned with Spanish, European and global standards and initiatives, validated by EBSI (European Blockchain Standard Infrastructure) and which includes three components:

  • Personal wallet, a mobile application whose primary use is the secure identification and authentication of users before public and private service providers, and which extends to secure access to services and documentation in areas such as health, education, borders or financial, through digital identity and credentials with a focus on privacy and user control of data.
  • Enterprise wallet, a service that allows public administration, companies, trusted suppliers and other organizations to issue and revoke credentials, verify presentations, and integrate with existing systems where they store qualified data.
  • Electronic registry, which will allow the current electronic trust services to be extended for storage and management services for electronic signatures.
Working Group: Education, Finance, Identity, Standardisation Committee