Inlecom Innovation - INATBA
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With a special focus on R&D activities and being part of a group with offices in Belgium, Ireland and UK, INLECOM INNOVATION (Greece), focuses on collaborative R&D in Digital Eco-System platforms and technologies, undertaking innovative research in the areas of Information Technology and ICT applied to Transport, Security, Smart Cities, Climate, Healthcare, Energy and other topics.
INLECOM promotes broader adoption and take-up through supporting open architectures and methodological frameworks exploited in industry as well as through supporting commercial imperatives such as patent protection, market analyses, feasibility studies and business plans.


With an international team of experts in the area of software engineering, research and business management, INLECOM delivers high-quality research and innovation outcomes promoting the added value of digital ecosystems. Currently, INLECOM Innovation actively participates in 30 running research projects (in H2020, MED, CEF and INNOVATE-UK Programmes), Coordinating 7 of these.

Country: Greece
Working Group: ​Education, Identity, Privacy, Social Impact and Sustainability, Standardisation Committee