​Hacken OÜ - INATBA
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​Hacken OÜ


Hacken is a trusted blockchain security auditor on a mission to make Web3 a safer place.


With a team of 60+ certified engineers, we provide solutions covering all aspects of blockchain security, such as Smart Contract Audit, Blockchain Protocol Audit, dApp Audit, Penetration Testing, CCSS Audit, Tokenomics Audit and design.


Our product portfolio features HackenProof bug bounties, CER.live cybersecurity ranking, and Extractor on-chain monitoring.


Since 2017, Hacken has been raising the bar for blockchain security. As a member of INATBA and a contributor to the EEA EthTrust Security Levels Specification we are continuously raising the bar for blockchain security.


Hacken’s security services are recognized by CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.


We have worked with 1,200+ Web3 projects to enhance their security standards. Our clients and partners include top-industry players, such as BNB chain, NEAR,  Avalanche, Polygon, Cronos, Klaytn, and Sweat Economy, to name a few.

Country: Estonia
Working Group: Education, Finance, Privacy