Global Wealth Strategies, Ltd. - INATBA
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Global Wealth Strategies, Ltd.


Global Wealth Strategies, Ltd., a global multinational organization headquartered in Washington, DC, offers unique funding, strategic investment design, wealth management and financial strategy services to Entrepreneurs, High Net Worth individuals and Institutional Investors worldwide. We utilize a comprehensive range of traditional & alternative products and services to structure dynamic investment, deal structuring, wealth management, and asset design, serving global and world markets in the arenas of Private Equity, Family Offices, Asset Acquisition, Fiduciary Services, Financial Security, Wealth Management/Preservation, and Philanthropy.

Global Wealth Strategies Ltd, or GWS for short, is a unique and refreshing alternative to traditional international finance, investment security, and global wealth management. Based out of Washington, DC, our global headquarters, we are strategically positioned to offer dynamic and comprehensive financial products and services, where we use custom deal structures, utilizing global market strategies in the arenas of Private Equity, Family Offices, Asset Acquisition & Enhancements, Fiduciary Services, Financial Security, Wealth Management, Philanthropy & Generational Legacy Preservation.

Our team at Global Wealth Strategies Ltd comes from various disciplines in risk management, compliance, commercial finance, investment banking, private equity, international business, government, military, foreign policy, diplomatic relations, international law, trade, technology, marketing, media, entertainment, luxury goods, global logistics, transportation, and many other areas of necessity. We are NOT brokers; rather, we are direct to the lending and funding sources we use. We are trusted advocates to the global institutional financial community, as we are in the business of financing global relationships and partnerships, allowing us to leverage our resources to provide unique advantages over the competition.

Country: United States
Working Group: Finance, Privacy, Standards Committee