Freename - INATBA
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Freename is a Swiss-based Web3 Domain Naming Service that operates on multiple blockchain to deliver new ways for businesses to manage payments, marketing and having identity in the Web3.


Freename also offers Web3 utilities like a Web3 website builder, receiving, sending, and chatting with Web3 email providers, earning a royalty on your own Web3 domain, surfing the internet using Web3 browser extensions, integrating Web3 video conferencing within your work tools, creating surveys using Web3 survey tools, and more.


Freename’s other brands include NOTO, a a unified resolution service and analytics platform for Web3 domains, and Webunited, which enables DNS TLD operators to mirror their extension on the blockchain, offering full access to the opportunities of Web3 to their Registrars and Registrants.

Country: Switzerland
Working Group: Identity, Standards Committee