Decoding Institutional Investors’ Interest in Blockchain to Unveil the Future of the Ecosystem - INATBA
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Decoding Institutional Investors’ Interest in Blockchain to Unveil the Future of the Ecosystem

The panel discussion will delve into the intriguing world of blockchain technology from an investor’s perspective, exploring the criteria and considerations that shape their decisions in this dynamic space. 

The session aims to offer a comprehensive view of the current investments landscape, from an institutional investors’ perspective, providing attendees with a nuanced understanding of what drives investment decisions and how the future of funding for blockchain projects might unfold.

The conversation will dissect the following key angles:

  • Emerging Trends and Future Projections (global market outlook / Evaluating investor interest in non-financial vs Crypto related use cases)
  • Landscape’s influence on investor decisions (market dynamics, lack of large EU VCs, Regulatory constraints)
  • Ethical implications of blockchain investments (energy consumption, environmental impact, and social responsibility within the blockchain space)
  • Investment Criteria in Blockchain: specific factors that catch investors’ attention in blockchain projects (technological innovation, scalability, real-world applications, team expertise, regulatory compliance, market potential) 
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation: how to assess and manage risks (regulatory risks, market volatility, technological challenges, individuals profiles/due diligence best practices)



Feb 21 2024


14:00 - 14:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 21 2024
  • Time: 08:00 - 08:00


INATBA Online Conference Room


INATBA Executive Office
INATBA Executive Office


  • Filippo Chisari
    Filippo Chisari
    Managing General Partner | AgileGTM Web3 Accelerator Fund

    Filippo is raising the world’s 1st B2B Blockchain accelerator fund, AgileGTM, as General Partner.
    For the last decade, Filippo led GTM in tech organizations from MVP to Unicorn, in B2B SaaS, AI and Blockchain.
    He was CCO for Techstars Web3, worked with more than 100 early-stage startups and built programs for some of the largest accelerators in the world.
    Filippo is also a LinkedIn Top Voice.

  • Nicolas Cary
    Nicolas Cary
    Nicolas Cary | Co-founder & Vice Chairman,

    Nicolas Cary is the Co-founder and Vice Chairman at — the leading crypto finance house serving tens of millions of consumers, traders, and institutional customers since 2011.
    In 2015, Nic was named the European Digital Leader of the year. Nic is the Founding Commissioner of the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development and Co-Authored The Future is Decentralised. Nic is trilingual, and has a deep passion for positive digital disruption. He’s also the Co-Founder and Chairman of, the leading non-profit digital business accelerator. Prior to, Nic was a founding Partner at where he focused on product development and management.
    Nic is a proven leader, investor, public speaker, and brand ambassador. He’s deeply focused on designing performant cultures that persevere in adverse markets.

  • Antwain Thomas
    Antwain Thomas
    Antwain Thomas | CEO, Global Wealth Strategies Ltd

    Antwain Thomas is the founder and Managing Partner of Global Wealth Strategies, Ltd, a global wealth management, financial strategy and security services firm based in Washington, DC. His organization caters to offering unique funding models to Entrepreneurs, High Networth individuals and Institutional Investors worldwide. His expertise in strategic investment design, financial strategy, private equity, executive and financial security brings a wealth of knowledge to global stakeholders worldwide.

  • Nadia Filali
    Nadia Filali
    Nadia Filali | Head of Innovation & Development, Groupe Caisse des Dépôts
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