INATBA Online Conference Room


Mar 10 2021


2:30 pm - 4:15 pm

COVID-19 Vaccination Delivery and Tracking: Challenges and Solutions

In its recent Communication “A united front to beat COVID-19”, the European Commission stressed the importance of a “common EU approach to trusted, reliable and verifiable certificates” of vaccination. Several initiatives toward the creation of a Vaccination Credential or Passport have been launched in this sense. 

The INATBA Healthcare Working Group wants to contribute to this effort by facilitating the creation of a community of interest and action, starting with a roundtable to discuss key challenges in the vaccination pipeline and the most mature blockchain-based solutions to be offered to healthcare institutions trusted with COVID-19 vaccinations at national and international levels. The objective of this event is to build a community of interests and launch a call to action aimed at addressing the challenges and identifying the solutions for COVID-19 vaccination delivery and tracking.

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Agenda (Subject to change)

14:30-14:35 (Part 1) Introduction

Marc Taverner, Executive Director of INATBA

14:35 – 15:15: (Part 2) COVID-19 Vaccines Rollout – What is missing besides vaccines? 

– Dr. Inon Schenker, Global Health Specialist and Blockchain for SDGs Champion
Setting the stage & Presentation of speakers

Dr. Ann Lindstrand, MD, MPH, PhD,  Unit Head, EPI-Essential Programme on Immunization, IVB-Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals, WHO HQ, Geneva
Matching country demand and innovations: Infodemics and vaccines supply chain

Mr. Moises Menendez, LACCHAIN (IDBLAB): Are the needs of LATAM different? why?
Are the needs of LATAM different? why?

15:15-15:30 (Part 3) How can existing solutions address these needs? (3 minute pitches)

Introduction by Danny van Roijen and Mirko de Maldè, Healthcare Working Group Co-Chairs

EBSI Notarization: Denis Avrilionis – Compellio, Spyridon Pilos – European Court of Auditors

Benedetto Biondi – Blockchain Italia

Peter Kern – Cargox

Dr. Michele Nati – IOTA

David Putts -Billongroup

Peter Eulberg -Anyblockanalytics

Ilan Melendez – LACCHAIN (IDBLAB)

15:30-16:00 (Part 4)  Breakout Rooms: Division in different rooms on the following topics: Vaccination tracking, standard architecture for vaccination certification and tracking – technical and business needs, real-world deployment, technological approaches and specific needs of local communities


Facilitator: Danny Van Roijen

Needs: WHO

Technical solutions: EBSI, Blockchain Italia


Facilitator: Inon Schenker

Needs: TBD

Technical solutions: CargoX, IOTA, Billon


Facilitator: Mirko De Maldè


Technical solutions: Luxembourg, Anyblockanalytics

16:00-16:15  Summary by facilitators of the breakout rooms (3, 2 minutes each)

 Next Steps & Conclusions

The event is finished.