INATBA Online Conference Room


Mar 18 2021


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Climate Action,
Real Estate

Reaching EU Green Deal Objectives with Real Estate Sector Blockchain Solutions: A Closer Look at the Unique Object Identifier

The UOI Subgroup of the INATBA Real Estate and Climate Action Working Groups is organizing a roundtable that brings together experts and decision-makers from governments and markets across Europe and beyond. This event follows the UOI Subgroup’s recently published preliminary report which offers a complete and comprehensive paper on the Unique Object Identifier (UOI) Initiative and its relevance for the topics of Climate Action and Real Estate. The report disseminates the context and already developed/gathered know-how, demonstrating the technical feasibility of the UOI-protocol to a larger national and international network.

The roundtable will aim to create engagement, debate the UOI-topic and launch a call for cooperation to address the challenges and identify the solutions for the impact of Climate Change in the Real Estate Sector.

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Agenda (Subject to Change):

15:30 Welcome & positioning UOI subgroup within INATBA by Jo Bronckers 5 min & 5 min Q&A)

15:40 Introduction UOI-concept & desired takeaways of this roundtable by Eric van Capelleveen (Geonovum) & Jo Bronckers (FIBREE) (10 min & 5 min Q&A) 

15:55 Presentation/demonstration of 2 current NL UOI-pilots (2 x 5 min & 2 x 5 min Q&A)

  1. Building Materials Passport: Simon Duindam- CFO at Block Materials, Rob Stefens- Management and Architecture at Dynabloqs
  2. Building renovation passport and its alignment with the EU strategic goals: Emiliyan Enev- CEO ReCheck, Emil Stoyanov- Co-Founder of ReCheck

 16.20-17.00 Plenary discussion around 4 questions by Moderator and engaging with the audience


The event is finished.