Government Participants

Government participants will support the COVID Task Force by identifying their most important challenges caused by the COVID pandemic to the systems and services they provide their citizens.



Academic participants will support impartial research and analysis of blockchain-based projects identified by the Task Force.



Industry participants will support the COVID Task Force by submitting proposals for solutions that can solve the significant issues and challenges caused by the COVID pandemic.


What is INATBA's COVID Task Force?

The INATBA COVID Task Force is convening key players in the global blockchain ecosystem to identify deployable technology solutions that address governmental, social and commercial challenges caused by COVID. Working on an expedited timetable, the Task Force will analyze, sort, package and present solutions to governments and organizations to deliver real value quickly.

For governments, the Task Force will leverage its expertise and neutrality to identify deployable solutions that are most applicable to their specific needs. For the private sector, the Task Force will serve as a curator of solutions, convening partners and managing relationships to adapt the solutions as needed and ensure that specific needs are being met.

The Task Force will build an intelligence engine that identifies and catalogues industry-wide blockchain-related solutions that can assist with the global challenge. The engine will establish the state of readiness of each solution, identify any additional work required to make the solutions ready for market or fit to solve the identified issues. The process will include the ability to curate collaborations between solution providers to deliver the best solutions.