Blockchain for the UN Charters - BC100+ Ecosystem 2024 - INATBA
Focuses on highlighting the potential of blockchain and DLT
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Blockchain for the UN Charters – BC100+ Ecosystem 2024

The Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group (SISWG) of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) is committed to highlighting the potential of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in addressing critical social and sustainability challenges, aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Charter values.


The SISWG’s primary mission is to raise awareness regarding the transformative potential of blockchain for social impact and sustainability. To achieve this, the SISWG collaborates with organizations that develop projects and use cases demonstrating blockchain’s capacity to address systemic issues such as inequality, poverty, and climate change. These projects rebuild trust, empower communities, enforce accountability, and redistribute value on a global scale.


One of the focal points within the blockchain ecosystem is the BC100+ initiative from which INATBA is a founding member and member of the steering committee group of the initiative. BC100+  is a global initiative, under the High Patronage of H.E. Csaba Kőrösi, President of the 77th UN General Assembly, convening the blockchain ecosystem to the broader efforts of UN agencies and global initiatives in support of the UN Charter values and the SDGs. Its ecosystem represents a curated selection of projects dedicated to harnessing blockchain technology for social and sustainability purposes.

The BC100+ ecosystem showcases innovative projects, solutions, and applications that drive positive change in alignment with the UN’s SDGs.


To provide visibility and promote the impact of organizations and projects dedicated to these crucial social impact and sustainability topics, and after the success of the 2023 podcast series on Financial Inclusion and ReFi,  INATBA’s SISWG is launching a podcast series in 2024, titled “Blockchain for the UN Charters – BC100+ Ecosystem.” This series will feature BC100+ projects, delving into their use cases, challenges, opportunities, and impact measurement methods.


The aim is to showcase the outstanding work carried out by BC100+ projects, inspire collaboration, and foster a better understanding of the vital role blockchain plays in achieving the UN’s SDGs.


If your organization wants to be part of BC100+ and participate in similar initiatives please sign up the manifesto here: 


Together, we can amplify the impact of blockchain technology in addressing the world’s most pressing social and sustainability challenges.

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About BlockLeaders

Blockleaders is a publication and creative network that provides a platform for innovators and leaders in technology. We share the deeply human stories of the accomplished men and women who are risking their reputation, professions and even relationships to inspire, challenge and build the future.

About Lisa Gibbons

Lisa is a passionate storyteller with over 15 years experience. She writes for numerous publications. She has a Masters in International Tourism and is co-founder of the Irish Shebeen, the first Irish Pub in the metaverse. She has a love for all things blockchain, the metaverse and sustainability.  Most recently she spoke at the Women in Technology series in London about the future impact of NFTs. She was awarded runner up in the hackernoon contributor for climate change for 2022 and worked on bringing the leading web3 projects and impact investors together to discuss the opportunities for creating a greener future. Bridging the world of Web2 to Web3 is where her interest lies.


Podcast 1: BC100+ Intro


Host: Lisa Gibbons (Writer & Advisor,


Guest: Mariana de la Roche (Director, Validvent)


In this episode, we spoke with Mariana de la Roche, a member of the BC100+ Steering Committee. Mariana provided a comprehensive overview of BC100+’s remarkable journey so far, highlighting the achievements in 2023 and offering a sneak peek into the exciting plans for 2024. She delved into the diverse range of projects within the initiative, illustrating how blockchain is actively addressing critical sustainability challenges. Mariana also shared valuable insights on how to engage with BC100+ and be part of this global community committed to leveraging blockchain for sustainable development. Tune in to explore the world of blockchain and its role in shaping a more equitable and sustainable future.

Podcast 2: Blockleaders


Host: Samuel Seongeun Lee (Web3 Investment Lead, The World in 2050)


Guest: Lisa Gibbons (Writer & Advisor,


In this episode, we interviewed Lisa Gibbons, a prominent advocate and entrepreneur in the blockchain space for sustainability applications. Lisa shares her journey from a love of reading and post-colonial poetry to founding Orchards Near Me, a tour operator business, and her journey into the blockchain for its potential in sustainable tourism and food traceability. Lisa shared the inception and mission of BlockLeaders, an educational platform highlighting key figures in blockchain, and the importance of storytelling and communication in the tech space. Lisa emphasized the transformative potential of blockchain in sustainability, especially in food traceability and environmental conservation, exemplified by projects like the KokonutDAO and its collaborations with the Dominican Republic’s Department of Agriculture. She advised organizations to consider blockchain’s role in their future sustainability efforts and underscored the importance of clear communication for tech developers to connect with broader audiences. She stressed on the importance of lifelong learning, with Lisa mentioning her ongoing education in AI. We also asked for her recommendations for engaging with sustainability-focused events this year.

Podcast 3: United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF)


Host: Lorna Hutchman (Senior Marketing Manager,


Guest: Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio (Chief Information Officer, UNJSPF)


In this episode, we spoke with Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio, Chief Information Officer at United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF). Dino and Lorna discuss his work on implementing a blockchain solution within the UNJSPF. We learn about the benefits and challenges faced when introducing a “Proof of Existence” mechanism that combines biometrics and blockchain technology, the importance of on-going stakeholder education, and how this project has inspired similar programs within the UN.

Podcast 4: Demia


Host: Lisa Gibbons (Writer & Advisor,


Guest: Mat Yarger (Founder & CEO, Demia)


Lisa spoke with Mat Yarger, Demia’s founder and CEO. Mat talked on his career path from jobs in cybersecurity and cyber operations in the NSA and U.S. Army to his work on sustainability at the Iota Foundation, which ultimately resulted in the founding of Demia. By utilizing blockchain technology to enable safe, scalable data handling that streamlines reporting and verification procedures, the company hopes to transform the carbon markets.Mat drew attention to the shortcomings of conventional carbon market systems, which are frequently analog and prone to errors, during the debate. He also discussed how Demia’s usage of a decentralized oracle network might improve transparency and trust without the hassles associated with conventional blockchain tokens. This technology is perfect for both regulated and voluntary carbon markets since it allows for better integration across different regulatory frameworks and stakeholders. Mat also talked about the difficulties of staying focused in a rapidly changing technology environment and the significance of creating strong, safe infrastructures to assist efforts toward environmental sustainability.

Podcast 5: Zentrix


Host: Samuel Seongeun Lee (Web3 Investment Lead, The World in 2050)


Guest: Nenad Gilgoric (Founder & CEO, Zentrix)


This episode features Nenad, the co-founder of Zentrix. Nenad brings a wealth of experience in innovation, IoT, and distributed ledger technology. With a PhD in computer science, he has previously worked as a project lead at the IOTA Foundation, where he gained extensive hands-on experience in blockchain technology.


During this episode, Nenad shares his fascinating journey into the world of blockchain, starting from his early research endeavors to becoming a key player in the industry. He provides insight into the core mission of Zentrix, which focuses on leveraging blockchain technology to enhance traceability and transparency in various sectors, particularly the mining industry.


Nenad discusses the importance of ensuring regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability in mining operations, highlighting the challenges and successes Zentrix has encountered along the way. He also shares the company’s vision for the future, emphasizing the potential of blockchain to drive significant advancements in transparency and accountability.


Podcast 6: ReFi DAO


Host: Lisa Gibbons (Writer & Advisor,


Guest: Monty Bryant (Founder, ReFi DAO)


In this episode, we spoke with Monty Bryant, Founder of ReFi DAO. Monty shared his vision for an impact led future. We explore the transformative potential of regenerative finance (ReFi) with a special focus on ReFi DAO. Monty shares a fascinating journey that began with a deep-rooted passion for sustainability, leading them to join BC100+ and contribute to impactful projects. ReFi DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), leverages blockchain technology to support sustainable initiatives. Today, we discuss some of the inspiring projects spearheaded by ReFi DAO and discuss Monty’s excitement about the future of this initiative.