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Introducing anotherblock, a revolutionary platform powering emotional and financial bonds between creators and consumers.

The platform provides a space for music creators to sell their fractionalised and tokenized music rights directly to investors. Utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology, anotherblock has implemented music ownership tokens based on the ERC-721 standard (the NFT standard) on Ethereum and Base.

Each token is endowed with a unique custom ID, securely storing a certain percentage of music rights ownership for a particular song on the blockchain. These tokens not only feature distinctive artworks but also embody real-world legal contracts, outlining the terms of streaming royalties and guaranteeing the investor’s legitimate ownership rights. This innovative way of selling NFTs linked to an underlying asset in the form of music rights introduces a groundbreaking model for both the traditional music industry as well as the financial sector. Fractionalizing future income from streaming royalties lets investors earn yield from assets uncorrelated with financial macro environments and gives creators the possibility to finance their artistic creation without debt to record labels or music publishers.

Through anotherblock, creators gain the unprecedented opportunity to sell their music rights directly to consumers, ensuring a fair and transparent transaction. By eliminating intermediaries, creators secure a fair price for their music rights while retaining control over their artistic endeavors. For consumers, anotherblock offers a possibility to invest directly into individual tracks and be part of the potential future financial upside along with the creators. anotherblock’s platform pioneers a seamless and inclusive music investment experience, providing a win-win solution for both creators and consumers.

Country: Sweden
Working Group: Finance, Identity, Privacy, Standards Committee